Soak Your Nuts!

Soak your Nuts!

Heh… heh…

OK but seriously why though?

DID YOU KNOW that soaking nuts/seeds reduces the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors in them that bind nutrients in the body. This binding process can stop nutrients from being absorbed in the digestive system. This is putting it all extremely simply, but BASICALLY just because they HAVE wonderful nutrients doesn’t mean that your body is going to get to utilize them.

SOME phytic acid is naturally neutralized in your digestive system, but soaking your nuts makes for improved absorption and more rapidly available good stuff.

Who would I recommend it to?

Well everyone really, not only does it just make their healthy qualities more available it also makes them taste better. That is, you aren’t going to get that bitter taste you sometimes get with raw nuts/seeds (I notice it particularly in walnuts). BUT honestly it can be time consuming and if you just eat them every now and then and you don’t care, well, then you just don’t care!


In my opinion I would say it is going to most benefit people who: A) Eat A LOT of raw nuts/seeds. B) Already have poor digestion or digestion problems. C) Are eating them specifically for their nutritional benefits.

So how ya gonna do it?

Generally this will work for most, but of course there is always good ol’google if you’re curious about any particular nuts/seeds.

  • 2 cups of nuts or seeds to 3-4 cups warm water and 1 tbsp salt (there is a reason for the salt so don’t yell at me about sodium)
  • let salt dissolve in the warm water first then add your nuts, or your seeds, and soak on the counter (or in a warm place but NOT the fridge) for 7 + hours.
  • Rinse’em

Once they’re done you will have to dry them out again. If you have a dehydrator it’ll make your life easier but it’s not necessary (but seriously, my dehydrator, love it.) You can put your nuts on a baking sheet in your oven at it’s lowest temperature (150-170 at most) until entirely dried… it’s gonna take a while, about 12 hours or more (did I mention having a dehydrator?) This is mostly because if you plan on storing them in your fridge for a longer period of time, any water left in them can cause them to mold eventually.

I’ll add that you actually don’t HAVE to dry them out if you don’t plan to store them for long or if soft is the texture you are looking for. You can also just dry them slightly if you plan on using them in a recipe that day or eating them up relatively quickly. In the oven at the same temp as mentioned for 45-60 minutes!


You could totally make some nut milk by draining your squishy soaked nuts  from their soaking water, giving them a good rinse, blending them well (1 cup nuts to 2 cups water…. add less water to make it thicker or to make a cream) and then straining the liquid from the nut meal (pulp), into a bowl, cup or jar!! ** P.S the longer you soaked your nuts the creamier your cream/milk will be!**

So do you HAVE to soak your nuts/seeds? No you don’t HAVE to (unless you’re making it into milk or cream then yes, yes you HAVE to).

Should you though? Sure probably, especially if you already have poor digestion or if you eat a lot of them raw (and are expecting to fully absorb all those natural proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.)

The process itself is not difficult, just time consuming, but the benefits are high!!

NOT my photos today. Photos from Pexels, free stock photos!

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  1. JustDeb says:

    Awesome info. Had no idea you could actually get rid of that bitter after taste you sometimes get with walnuts. Okay–that you always get with walnuts! Very cool on making your own almond milk!


  2. Justdeb says:

    This is just your nutty mother again. Get it?!? Nutty mother? I am reposting this with a different username.

    Awesome info. Had no idea you could actually get rid of that bitter after taste you sometimes get with walnuts. Okay-that you always get with walnuts! Very cool on making your own almond milk.


  3. Great post! x
    Izzy |


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