Gotta-Have Groceries

My go-to’s, my holy grails, my essentials, my gotta-haves!! Grocery items that are ALWAYS on my list!

Alright, full disclosure, a lot of what we buy when we go shopping are repeat buys and it would take a million hours to type up an entire blog post (pictures and all) of all the random things we buy all the time. So I went through and narrowed it down to some of my favorite favorite gotta-haves. I went with things that were not the usual staples (produce, meats, breads, rice etc.) as I didn’t feel like a long’ol’post about how I like to buy bananas and field greens.

So what are some of my random essentials that HAVE to always be in my cupboards? We are going to start with powdered peanut butter. Currently I am using the brand Just Great Stuff and I picked up the protein plus peanut butter (which has added pea protein), but I use to buy PB2’s chocolate peanut butter powder. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I loooove this stuff. I like that I can add as much or as little water to mix as I want, and often I add a bit extra to make it more for drizzling. On top of sliced apples, on top of my cream of wheat, put the powder directly into a smoothie or make it thicker and use it unfancy-like on a piece of toast. Whatever the use, I neeeeed powdered peanut butter in my life always.


Next up are these bad boys. Veggie bouillon cubes. I go through these like candy. OK not really. But I use them for so so so many things. In the-most-obvious soups, I dissolve them in a little boiling water and sauté my veggies in them, or add it to the bottom of my roaster when I’m doing a chicken or a turkey (I like to have liquid in the bottom of the pan to keep things nice an’steamy and it also adds to the flavor when you baste). I dissolve in water and use it to cook my rice, or my quinoa or my cous-cous. Seriously guys, I can’t live without these in my cupboard. I also USUALLY have the no-sodium version as well and the best part of that (obviously) is the lack of salt, so while I get the flavor, I still get to control my sodium content!


ALRIGHT NEXT! Is soup base! This brand specifically, as I have yet to find another brand that I enjoy as much. These 2 flavors and the garden tomato are ma favorite. I use these soup bases, again obviously, for soup, but also for sauces. I add the tomato one to fresh tomatoes and other goodies to make a pasta sauce, or the butternut squash one with some type of thickener and more other goodies to make a sauce for steamed veggies or potatoes. If I’m being honest though these are usually just for soup, but they are a MUST HAVE so on days when I decide I don’t want to actually cook anything I can just throw some cut up veggies, a little salt + pepper and some left over rice in and BAM it looks like I’m serving effort for dinner!


Then there’s these tasty treats! These are a relatively new must-have as we only recently starting buying these (and by recently I mean about 2 months ago). There is really not much to say about these, except they are delicious and crunchy and an absolute need-all-the-time-item so that I always have a something-yummy to nibble on when I’m feeling “chippy”. It’s nice to have some treats stashed away and I almost always have a little healthier indulgence at the end of the night after the clan goes to bed.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Ok I know that I said I wasn’t going to do anything obvious or producey-stapley BUT I had to add lemons. Just had to. I cut lemons up and freeze slices to add to my morning water. I add fresh squeezed lemons to homemade hummus or homemade guacamole. I squeeze lemons over salads with evoo and a little salt + pepper and chili flakes. Jeff adds lemon zest to his muffins or to his whole-wheat lemon cranberry loaf that we are all out of hint-hint Jeff………


I could probably go on and on, there are so so so many things that are staples in this house but I’ll leave you with those, for now.

What are stables in your house? Anything you’d recommend I try that you just can’t live without? Also maaaayyybbbbeee I’ll make this a series of sort, let me know if you’d be interested in more of these kinds of posts!

Until next time!

Photos are Mine this time!!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Zoe says:

    Great post! Some things I have never even thought of having! I can’t wait to try. Don’t forget Lara bars I need Lara bars. And yes peanut butter I can not live without. And Banana’s lol❤😊


  2. jeffren21 says:

    Great post my love


  3. naturopathathome says:

    I use several of these foods too! One question, I know the powdered PB has less fat, does that change the texture or taste?


    1. Mmm yes. It is a much smoother texture then even the smooth all natural (regular) peanut butter and this particular kind (with the pea protein) does have a slight pea protein-ey taste to it! I will say though that in a smoothie or even on the apples I don’t notice it too too much. Of course there is also powdered peanutbutter without the added protein and it tastes just like regular pb (but still much smoother!)


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