Random Acts Of Exercise: 8 Ways to Add Activity to Your Day.

Ever have days where you don’t want to do a darn thing? Or what about days where you are so busy that you can’t possibly squeeze in even one extra thing. What about if you are just looking for a way to add activity to your day, have a desk job, or sit 80% of the time. What ever the case may be, random acts of exercise may your solution!

There are some days when I know I wont get an exercise in for one reason or another, or maybe I’ve already had rest day but I’m feeling like another one and I’d also still like to do SOMETHING. These are days when I usually do random acts of exercise. Actually sometimes they can just be an add-on to my day, even when I do actually work out. So todays tip Tuesday takes a break from food and instead I thought I’d share with you 8 ways to randomly add exercise to your days!

8 Random Acts Of Exercise


  1. Keep a yoga mat beside your bed. Doesn’t even need to be a mat, but if you have one it is a way to encourage morning workouts. Now when I say “morning workouts” I don’t really mean work outs. I mean roll out of bed (I LITERALLY do roll out) fall on your mat and stretch it out. Throw in a set of “until-fail-crunches”, stretch a bit more, and finish with some push-ups (also until fail)! Having a mat already there and ready to go is a great reminder that you actually want to do something. For myself, I always have the best intentions before bed, but when I wake up I get going into my regular routine and, in my morning-brain-fog, I totally forget about those intentions. It also eliminates steps… like grabbing and then rolling out your mat. Which might seem like a tiny issue, but believe me, all your mind needs to convince yourself NOT to do something is a half a second and a tiny issue.
  2. Calf raises everywhere! Doing the dishes? Do some calf raises. Brushing your teeth? Calf raises. Waiting to cross the street, or in a line up? Calf raises. Standing around doing nothing while watching your kids slide down slides or swing on swings? Calf raises. Seriously, they’re magical do-where-ever-you-want exercises, and if anyone looks at you funny, tell them about random acts of exercise, spread the word and lets make it a thing!
  3. Take 30 seconds to sit on a wall. Have you ever done wall sits? Some people make them look like a piece’o’cake, but they can be rather difficult! So every now and then, throughout your day, take 30 seconds (or 40, or a whole minute!) to do a wall sit! Even on your busiest days, I have no doubt that you can find an extra free 2-3 minutes to sit… on a wall… img_20170403_082103_900.jpg
  4. Stand. This seems so simple but seriously this is something I do daily…. I sit to study, I sit to write up a posts, I sit to relax. Studying can be anywhere between 3-4 hours and if I also have to write a post, well that could take who knows how long. So I stand. Get yourself a bed tray or laptop table that you can put on top of your current work space. It’s cheaper than a standing desk and makes for an easy switch from sitting to standing whenever you like!
  5. Cleaning counts. Seriously. Washed a bunch of windows? Vacuumed up and down stairs? Or how about you didn’t clean but you went grocery shopping and did a bunch of running around? Do you have a job that requires you to move around a lot? Lift heavy things often? Every day life counts. Don’t let yourself or anyone else convince you that it doesn’t. Being active is being active.wp-1491241099686.jpg
  6. Take the stairs. Going old school with this one. Working in a building with elevators? Take the stairs instead. What about if you are going on a walk? Add to it by taking stairs when you see them (some walking paths will have steps to other areas). Know of a set of ridiculously tall stairs, go walk up them just for the sake of it and call it your workout for the day. Don’t have time to go somewhere with stairs? Just walk up and down your own stair case at home!
  7. Put some weights by your side. Occasionally I will have a set of dumbbells by my side. Sometimes I set this up on days I KNOW I wont be doing much. Then it’s a matter of time. By this I mean I would set my timer for a good 60 minutes and focus focus focus on what I’m doing, and when my timer goes off I stop and give myself a 10-15 min break to do some curls or lateral raises or tricep extensions, whatever I like really. Like number 1, if they’re there, I’m more likely to do it! Depending on your work or your needs you could put a set in your car, keep a set under your desk at work, keep them where ever they’ll be the most useful and easy to grab!img_20170403_082605_194.jpg
  8. Go to the wash room! I saved this one for last as this is the one I do the most often. No matter how busy your day is… or how lazy. No matter what you are doing or where you are. You. will. need. to go to the washroom. This is when I spend an extra couple minutes to do some squats. Bathroom squats, I do these so often it’s almost become a habit. I do 25-45 squats every time I use the washroom, preferably AFTER I’ve used the washroom…. Now if you’re coupling this with drinking lots of water in a day, you can imagine that you’re going to get a lot of squats in! You can add more or less depending on your time crunch or how many you need to do to feel something, but more often than not I wake up feeling that wonderfully sore feeling! Bonus tip: If you’re at home, combine this tip with tip #7, keep a set of dumbbells in your bathroom and turn these into weighted squats!

If you are NOT like me and you don’t care who see’s you do what, turn it up and do some random jumping jacks mid stroll, triceps dips off a bench while you sit down to eat, pushups in the park, whatever you like!

lets make random acts of exercise a thing!!



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  1. My main exercise is walking. Working out sucks since half my body does not work. But my pedometer on my smart phone some days makes me very proud…. 8,000+ in a day…..10,000 is recommended per day for ‘Normal’ people.


    1. Hey I think that’s fantastic!!
      If I didn’t workout I don’t know if I’d even make it to 4000 steps on a normal day ha!


  2. Great tips! Standing against the wall with bent knees is tough! I was doing that a lot at one point to strengthen my legs. I tend to walk everywhere though which I find both enjoyable and nice exercise.

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