3 Day Workout Routine

Hey, look, not a food post!

Today I thought I’d share a few workouts with you! Simple workout routines to get you up and going, and only 3 days. Targeting your core (mostly your obliques), your legs (mostly your glutes), and your arms (pecs, triceps, biceps and lateral deltoids… just sort of a teensy bit of everything.)

Sometimes trying to workout 6 out of the 7 days in a week is just not an option. Depending on who you are, your schedule, or your energy or fitness level, trying to go at 6 days can be all you need to set yourself up for failure. Some do just fine going full throttle right out the gate, and others don’t! It’s all about figuring out what works for you.

3 days a week is a much easier commitment, especially to start, and you can always pick up more days as you progress!

I did make this 3 day Routine printable for easy use if you wish, just print it out and have it right on hand throughout the week and then you don’t have to keep coming back here! (…not that I discourage that…)

This routine is made more so for those who want an easy-to-follow-without-being-too-easy, start out workout routine that they can do for the week. Difficulty level is moderate. Modified push-ups if you need to, weight ranges will increase difficulty, and choose to do 2 or 3 reps (or even 4) depending on what you want/need! If you are already a worker-outer (word) then you could possibly mix and match these, add this to what ever you’re already doing, go for a full-body day and get’r all done in one go, what ever you like! Another thing you could do is simply follow the flow but do each exercise until fail! (which means go until you can’t go no-mo!)

Basically there are no rules, enjoy your time, enjoy your workouts, and do what works best for you!


** I am not yet a certified personal trainer, or a professional in the field by any means. This is simply myself sharing my personal workouts with you if you choose to try them out!!**

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