Social Media, Fitness & The Body Positivity Movement

Fitness enthusiasm and promotion of body positivity can not co-exist.

Just kidding yes they can.

Body positivity is not reserved, nor should it ever be, for ONLY those over a certain weight. It’s is not reserved for ONLY those with stretch marks and those with love handles. It is not meant to condemn those who workout for their health, or their physic, or their goals, or for their what-ever-reasons-they-want-to’s.


If you’ve got one. Love it.

Whether your muscular, thin, over-weight, average, tall, short, skinny, or built. You are allowed to be positive about your body.

Whether you work out, 6 days a week, 4 days a week, 1 day a week or spend your days on the couch. YOU are allowed to be positive about your body.

What about self love? Could we throw around that term a bit more?

Loving yourself for the way you are. Loving your personality, not just your body, so go ahead and love yourself while you tone that stomach. Loving your inner self, not just your body, so go ahead and have a long early morning run if that’s what tickles your toes. Loving your character, WHO you are, not just what you look like, so go ahead and love yourself with a face full of make up. Your hair down, or your hair did, in a gown or in grubs. Love yourself enough to let yourself do what you want, when you want, live how you want, in peace and acceptance of your OWN self, NOT just your body.

Physical activity is not reserved ONLY for people who dislike themselves. Do it for health, do it for happiness, do it for stress relief, do it for energy release, do it for all your very own reasons. Do it when you want to, don’t when you don’t.

Do what makes you happy, what makes you thrive, what gives you fire. Train for a 5km run, compete in a bikini competition, swim, hike, bike, build muscle, lift weights, grow a bum, dance, sparr, fight, hit a ball, hit a puck, row, dive, whatever! Enjoy yourself, enjoy your body, enjoy what it can do!

LOVE yourself, love YOUR body, not what body type social media has deemed worthy of “the” hashtag.

So yes, fitness enthusiasm and promotion of body positivity CAN co-exist.

#therearenorules  #bodypositivityincludesallbodies #selfloverocks #dowhatyouwant


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  1. morningfrost says:

    Love this and absolutely true. We are practising self love by taking care of our bodies! We are practising body positivity by filling ourselves of nutritious foods!

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