Realistic holistic health

 “All or nothing” doesn’t belong, you don’t have to go home if you don’t go big here.

Natural and healthy weight management.

Coaching through lifestyle changes.

Children & family nutrition.

Intuitive eating.

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low income and budget friendly services.



New Clients Receive:

  • Free 15 min phone chat to get acquainted and find out if my services are right for you!
  • New Client questionnaire (and other forms depending on specified goals/needs). 
  • Informed consent form.


Nutritional Habits & Lifestyle Packages:

These personalized packages are designed specifically to help you reach your goals in nutritional health and lifestyle changes. No one package will ever be the same. The goal is NOT to build you a meal plan to simply follow until completion. My intention is to build you a lifestyle changes plan to teach you about nutrition as it pertains to your specific goals and to give you as many tools as possible to achieve real success in long term healthy habits and healthful living.

Packages may include but are not limited to:

  • Habit Changes plan specific to your individual goals
  • Plan Outline/Instructions
  • Corresponding calendars
  • Multiple personalized nutritional information hand outs
  • 3-4 Recipes (if necessary)
  • “Get active” Information (if necessary)
  • Habit trackers
  • Complimentary Note book
  • 60 min consultation
  • Unlimited email/text message support pertaining to your plan
  • 50% off any one follow-up nutritional consultation appointment





 Nutritional Consultation Appointments:

  • 30 mins (meant for a few quick questions, clarifications or concerns). [$25]
  • 45 mins (generally for slightly more in-depth follow up’s/multiple quick questions)      [$30]
  • 60 mins (meant for heavily in-depth consultations where many questions may arise, *included in Nutritional Health & Lifestyle packages.) [$40]

**All consultation appointments may be done in person, over the phone or online via video chat. Must pay a $10 deposit at time of booking (will come out of total consultation cost).


Within the realm of holistic health and nutrition I truly believe that everyone, regardless of finances, should have access to proper knowledge and support. Please reach out to me if you are in need and are unable to afford these services at the prices listed.

Eating, living, and being healthy, should not have to be expensive.