Pretty Impractical: The Internet’s Dressed up Food & A 6 min Meal Idea.

Pretty Impractical: The Internet’s Dressed up Food & A 6 min Meal Idea.

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest looking at healthy food posts for hours looking for inspiration?…. Just me?

Ok but do you find yourself looking at food ideas and skipping past ones that look super fancy, like a lot of work, or just not practical?

I know that sometimes I feel like recipe ideas or food posts are made specifically for people who already know a lot about food and how to cook, or assume you have all the time in the world to make dishes so healthy and look so delicious. What about people whoes culinary expertise ends at boiling pasta? Or people who just want ideas for how to incorporate healthy to their plates that’s not boring, but also not an hours worth of hanging out in the kitchen?

To that I want to say. Don’t be fooled by dressed up food, sometimes what you see is just a simple meal in fancy clothes. Pretty does not mean impractical! (OK sometimes it does…)

For example, grain bowls… buddha bowls… whatever you might call them (I call them lots’a’stuff bowls… because usually I can’t remember what they’re called…), are really big right now. They aaalllwwaaayysss look so fancy and intricate, when really, they’re a great easy way to get a lot of nutrients into a meal (and can also make for easy meal prep if you wanted to get all the components ready ahead of time to store in your fridge).

From beginning to time-to-take-a-photo, this took me 6 minutes (I DID have my quinoa already cooked, when I had batch cooked some a couple days prior, so just a baby cheat).


So first I gathered my goodies from the fridge. Here I grabbed my pre-cooked quinoa, my mushrooms, my already opened/drained and rinsed can of black beans (OK one more tiny baby cheat), avocado, and my tomato. Throughout my throwing together I also wrangled up my green onions, olive oil (extra virgin), vinegar (white wine), black sesame seeds and salt & pepper!



I cut up just a bit of bits of everything, threw them into my bowl with the quinoa at its base, drizzled some olive oil and white wine vinegar on it all and sprinkled with salt & pepper!

Then I cleaned. No joke this was part of my time. Although, having said that, it was mostly just putting things back into cupboards, back into their baggies into the fridge and throwing… or gently placing… the dirty dishes into the sink. All of which took maybe a minute or two.

AAAANNNDDD THHEEENNN after my 6 minutes was up, it was time to get this bowl of goodies into better lighting on a fancy board on top of another board with more food and accessories around it. This took as long as it took me to make it. Followed by editing, which took about half as long. … You can of course just go ahead and skip these steps…


The point is, as long as you know how to chop veggies, drizzle, sprinkle and boil, you can make a basic grain bowl. They can be as easy or as extra as you yourself decide. No matter how fancy you might see one made online I guarantee it took as long or longer to stage, shoot, edit and post about the photo than it did to make the food. The same can be said for many many many things.

Delicious healthy food can absolutely, to varying degrees, be fast and simple to incorporate into your day.

Don’t let food with its gown and jewels on, discourage you from trying it, underneath the filters and garnish its still just “avocado on a rice cake”.


5 Recipes, 1 Ingredient: Rice Cakes

5 Recipes, 1 Ingredient: Rice Cakes

Raise your hand if you’re on a tight budget!

If you’re like myself and my home front, and you’re on a tight budget you might know what I mean when I say that I like to buy multi-purpose groceries.

What I mean is each thing I put on the grocery list, I try to make sure is capable of making multiple nights/days/mornings worth of meals. You know even if you aren’t on a tight budget this might make sense to you, it’s not exactly a revolutionary penny-pinching tip!

Now I don’t often use recipes to meal plan, or ever, as I find what happens is I’m adding things to my list that I only plan to make one dish with. This usually isn’t a problem for me, I don’t mind not using recipes, but I accidently tripped into this blog post idea when I had unintentionally posted 3 breakfasts in a row (Instagram of course) with the same base ingredient… and joked about making a series (because you know, I think I’m soooo funny!)

It got me thinking, why not a blog post?

So here are 5 breakfast, or snack, variations to add to your idea bank when it comes to mixing up your food daily, without hurting your wallet.

What You’ll need

**DONT be alarmed by the size of the list. I tried my very best to work with things I guessed to be items either already “in house”, or potentially on the grocery list anyway!

***P.S I know… I lied major about the one ingredient thing… but you get the idea!

  • Rice cakes (I buy no name brand for $1, cause when we go cheap, we go extra)
  • Peanut butter
  • Jam
  • Avocado
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Salsa
  • Hummus (or chickpeas if you want to be fancy and make your own)
  • Coconut shavings
  • Oregano
  • Cinnamon
  • Your choice of seasoning


What You’ll Need to do

  • Cut up some stuff
  • Put together some stuff


Seriously it could not be easier, you don’t even have to make it pretty, just throw it together and away you go, it all goes down looking the same!

Banana Pb & Jam


Classic peanut butter and jam with some sliced banana. Nothing too fancy, and chances are you might already have all these goodies in your house already! I added a little cinnamon to the top just to add a slightly different flavor… and to pretend I’m a little fancy.

Cinnamon Apple PB & Coconut


I thought, to stay true to the theme of the post, I’d get more than one use out of a couple other ingredients! So I went with peanut butter (again), sliced apples, cinnamon (again) and coconut! The flavors are delicious together and, maybe aside from the coconut, still things that may have a home in your kitchen already!

Guacamole & Tomato


Ok I lied. You need 3 more things. Salt & pepper & garlic powder. But I mean… if you don’t already have these things… then who are you reeeaaalllyyy. I kid.

AAANNNYYWWAAYYY… I threw together the quickest guacamole with just a half of an avocado, a little salt, pepper and garlic powder, and gave it a quick mash. Add some tomatoes to the top and sprinkle with some dried (or fresh if you got it!) oregano and enjoy! This is also a bit of a classic, can’t go wrong with tomatoes and avocado!….. Unless of course you don’t like tomatoes… or avocado…

Salsa & Avocado


Another ingredient re-use. This is a take on my favorite combo of avocado toast with toasted black sesame seeds. Of course without the toast, and I also added some salsa to the bottom! No need to add salt & pepper to this, the salsa does aaaallll the work for you. It’s delicious!

Cucumber Hummus


Alright, this ones taking a walk on the wild side and being different from the rest. He’s sporting some delicious hummus (home made if you like, or not if you don’t), fresh sliced cucumber and a seasoning of your choice. In this case my choice was Mrs. Dash’s southwestern chipotle. Now Mrs. D’s seasoning mixes are salt free (as in no added sodium), and you may choose to add a little salt to your cake BUT if your hummus has salt you may not need to!


There you have it! Five breakfast and/or snack ideas for rice cakes! Of course, you can mix and match these to make even more variations. There are literally limitless (ok there may be a limit out there somewhere) ideas for what you can put on top of a rice cake for a quick, easy, cheap, delicious AND healthy breakfast!


What are your favorites? If any one has any funky ideas I’d love love love to hear them!!